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March 2015

Timing is right for Chumash national marine sanctuary

Water basin boundary considerations for the Groundwater Sustainability Program

Clean up the Port San Luis fish cleaning station!

Clean up the Morro Bay fish cleaning station!

February 2015

SLO City to County: Reject the Phillips 66 project

Chumash council nominates coast for sanctuary status

January 2015

Phillips 66 oil train project affects millions

December 2014

New Times: Hold on to this ocean of a chance

Sierra Club's friend of the court brief on Oceano Dunes dust rule

November 2014

Sierra Club et al on the Phillips 66 rail spur project EIR

New Times: Testing the Waters -- a look at the proposal for the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary

Bay News: Sanctuary Would Give Big Economic Boost

Sierra Club Comments on Port San Luis Harbor Terrace Project

October 2014

Cambrian: CSD's grim record on water projects

Coastal Commission opens Ontario Ridge

September 2014

STUDY: economic impacts of a marine sanctuary on the central coast

Pismo city council candidates rewriting history

Dear Ms. Bianchi: the history of the Cambria CSD is not a red herring

Groups investigating timing of Diablo safety reports

August 2014

Supervisors: How to save the Los Osos Basin

July 2014

Sierra Club comments on SLO LUCE Update

SLO City News: Feedback Window Ticking on Land Use

June 2014

Katcho's Reality Problem

Letter of opposition to AB 2453, Paso Basin Water District

Comments to the State Mining Board on Los Pilitas/Oster Quarry

May 2014

Victory against super-toxic rat poison

Coastal Conservancy: Fund the Pismo Preserve

Sierra Club pans Paso Robles water district bill

April 2014

Let's Not Kill Off Local Power

Comment to Board on McDonald's drive-thru for Los Osos.

SLO County Commemorates 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act

March 2014

Letter to SLO City Council: Don't move the URL on Righetti Hill

February 2014

Letter to Katcho: Not this Paso water district

Coastal Commission should halt offshore fracking

January 2014

Our comments on the Phillips 66 Santa Maria Refinery Rail Spur project

December 2013

Comment on NRC's “waste confidence” rule

Thanks to Senator Boxer for her tenacity on Diablo Canyon

November 2013

Tarica wrong on Diablo

Morro Bay: Comments on draft options for new water reclamation facility

October 2013

There is an answer to the Diablo question

Comments on Paso Robles' draft Climate Action Plan

September 2013

Letter to the State Lands Commission on offshore surveys

August 2013

New Times: Let's not beat around the basin

Our comments on the Laetitia ag cluster development

On Chevron's SLO Tank Farm Remediation project

Sierra Club report: California doesn't need Diablo's energy

July 2013

Sierra Club to State Water Board: Uphold the Ag Order

Sierra Club sues to halt Spanish Springs

June 2013

New Times: OHV still wants County's land in Oceano Dunes

Las Pilitas Quarry: Comments on the Environmental Impact Report

May 2013

Letter to Supervisors on the sale of County land in Oceano Dunes

U.S. Forest Service: We want wilderness in the Los Padres

April 2013

Sierra Club intervenes to ban d-CON rodenticide

Santa Lucia Chapter wins Anthony Grassroots Prize

Comments to Coastal Commission on Ag Policy Workshop

Our comments on the Keystone XL Pipeline EIS

Letter to SLO City Council:  What is "community input"?

March 2013

Letter on the Morro Bay/Cayucos wastewater reclamation project

Comment to the BOS on sewage sludge ordinance

February 2013

The President Needs to Hear It from You

January 2013

City of SLO goal setting process: Letter to the City Council

Morro Bay Sewer project: Letter to the Coastal Commission


December 2012

Avila Valley Bird Sanctuary: Letter to AVAC

November 2012

Comments to the Board of Supervisors on Ag Cluster Ordinance

October 2012

Sierra Club at SLO Board of Supervisors on denial of Diablo Canyon seismic survey permit

Hearing a Lot About Proposition 37?

September 2012

Central Coastal Seismic Imaging Project - Request for permit denial

The County must act on Level of Severity III finding for Paso Basin

August 2012

Comments on the County Ag Cluster Ordinance Amendments

Sierra Club still loves the ocean

July 2012

Sierra Club and fishermen seek Diablo Canyon seismic hearing in SLO

How Mr. Havlik Made Us Happy

The Kind of Enemy You Want to Have

Let's Clear Up a Few Things About National Marine Sanctuaries

June 2012

Sierra Club comment on SLO draft Climate Action Plan

Sierra Club comments on Laeitia Ag Cluster RDEIR

May 2012

Marine Sanctuary Vote is Good News for SLO County

How Dare We? The 2012 Board of Supervisors race

Sierra Club's comments to State Lands Commission on PG&E Seismic Survey EIR (PDF)

Rep. McCarthy, have you no shame?

March 2012

Sierra Club Secures Oil Line Clean-up Program for Central Coast (PDF)

January 2012

Eat food? Sign here.

August 2011

California's Coast Needs Another Peter Douglas

HR 2584: Worst. Bill. Ever.

Regulatory relief is a false issue

June 2011

CCA: A tool for local energy choice

December 2009

A New Reality of Solar Power

September 2008-January 2009


Spring 2008

From SLO to Malmö
Europe Energy Tour

August 23-24, 2007


August 23

August 24



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