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Volunteering and Local Chapter Support

Volunteers are the backbone of the Sierra Club. In an effort to strengthen our organization we would like some help from our members with the following tasks.


Information Booths. Help pass out information on Sierra Club activities and actions for a few hours and enjoy some fun events on the Central Coast.

Stone Soup Music Faire: August 23, 10am to 6pm and August 24, 11am to 5pm in Arroyo Grande.

San Luis Obispo Creek Day: September 27, 9am to 3pm.

For more information call our office at (805) 543-8717 or e-mail us at

Office Volunteer Help. Our Chapter Coordinator needs help providing information on Sierra Club activities to our members. Can you help answer the phone? work with the volunteer database? coordinate events? If so, call our office at (805) 543-8717 or e-mail us at

The office is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Picnic Help. Do you like to plan parties?? Our annual picnic is August 23rd and we could use your help with planning and setup. For details on the picnic go to the home page link under Programs and Projects and then call our office at (805) 543-8717 to lend a hand or e-mail us at

Conservation Committee Members. The Sierra Club would love to have you join us on the many conservation issues in our local area and beyond.. Currently we are concentrating on protection of the San Simeon Area, Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Permit, Duke Power Plant at Morro Bay, National Estuary Program at Morro Bay, and the Marine Interests Group. See detail below. Call our office at (805) 543-8717 or e-mail us at if you want to help out.

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, where we are co-intervenors with the Mothers for Peace on PG&E's application to the NRC to construct an outdoor site for storage of used nuclear fuel rods. We are Parties in the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board's hearings on PG&E's permit to continue to use ocean water for once-through cooling. We are also participating with the MFP in a petition to the California Public Utilities Commission to reconstitute the Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee in order to add public outreach to its responsibilities. We need people to read, analyze, attend meetings, and write letters.

Duke Power Plant at Morro Bay, where we are working with the Coastal Alliance on Plant Expansion on eliminating the high mortality of estuarine larvae and eggs that are sucked into the cooling water intake. We are urging the use of dry cooling which uses no estuarine water at all. This will likely end up as a statewide Sierra Club effort to eliminate once through cooling for all new or reconstructed plaants in California. Again, volunteers to read, analyze, attend meetings, write, and lobby.

National Estuary Program at Morro Bay, where we participate in key committees that deal with an extensive MBNEP program to reduce sediment input to Morro Bay, to monitor Bay water quality and marine life, and to educate the public. Interested volunteers can help out the program by signing up for field sampling in the Bay and tributary streams, and serving as guides in the newly formed museum.

Marine Interests Group, a recently formed body for which we serve on a Working Committee that is attempting to bring together all the marine interests on the central coast and create a long term program for protection of the coastal region along the lines of a marine sanctuary or equivalent organization. We need volunteers to attend its meetings and report to the Conservation Committee.

Membership, Programs and Special Events. We strive to provide quality information to our members and the general public. We are looking for individuals to help set up, coordinate and arrange up coming events with the Sierra Club. A sampling of events we need help for are; our monthly general meeting program, annual summer picnic, Creek Days, Earth Day Fair, SLO Botanical Garden Festival, Christmas in the Plaza, Farmers Market and many more. Call our office at (805) 543-8717 or e-mail us at if you want to help out.

Chapter Fund Raising for Saving Special Places along the Central Coast. The Sierra Club has created a special account for tax-deductible donations in support of Central Coast conservation projects. In order for our conservation fund to be most effective, we need help in raising money for public interest litigation to protect threatened land, public education efforts, and supporting high school conservation projects in San Luis Obispo County. Call our office at (805) 543-8717 or e-mail us at if you want to help out.

Outings Leaders and Leader Assistants. The Santa Lucia Chapter is looking for individuals to help organize, lead and assist our current outings program. Help is needed for the Sierra Singles, Canoe/Kayak Section, Sierra Campers with Kids, and our regular outings program. No experience is necessary; we will provide information and training. To get started, call (805) 549-0355 or e-mail

Trail Watch Volunteers - With today's declining budget the Forest Service, State Parks, County of San Luis Obispo continue to look toward volunteers who travel many of the local trails surrounding San Luis Obispo. The volunteers coordinated through the Sierra Club, or other trail organization may make reports on current trail and camp conditions, or may be asked to help with building new trails or maintaining existing ones.

If you would like to volunteer, help organize the Trail Watch Volunteers, or just be put on a a mailing list for future events, call our office at (805) 543-8717 or e-mail us at

More information is available on our Trail Watch Section of the Sierra Club Web Page.

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Explore, Enjoy and Protect - Santa Lucia Chapter hike in Machesna Wilderness
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