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October 2009 -- Sierra Club comments on notice of preparation for La Grande Tract purchase EIR


2009 Grand Jury Report on the Sale of Oceano Dunes Parcels: "Error or Deception?"




May 18, 2010: VICTORY -- Court strikes down ordinance, County agrees to put countywide viewshed protections in place. Thanks to all our supporters for making this great win for the environment possible!



Sierra Club Sues to Block
Cayucos Viewshed Ordinance
January 17, 2008


Concerned about a local issue that you think we should be addressing? Feel free to contact us at

For issues that affect more than just San Luis Obispo County, look through the links at the left to see if one of the Sierra Club National campaigns applies, or visit the Sierra Club National site.

Or check out some other local and national activist groups.

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Explore, Enjoy and Protect - Santa Lucia Chapter hike in Machesna Wilderness
Machesna Wilderness hike
April 2002
Photo by Gary Felsman