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Our Messages to the Board of Supervisors




Five monthly "Messages to the New Board" from the Santa Lucia Chapter were published in New Times as the first environmentally friendly SLO County
Board of Supervisors in years prepared for its first meeting in January
2009. Click on the links below to view them as they appeared in the paper, or read the text.


Let's Get Energized (January 1) PDF

Let's eat locally grown food (December 18) PDF

Let's protect our agriculture and save ourselves (November 25) PDF

Where's that Affordable Housing? (October 23) PDF

Give us a Level Playing Field (September 25) PDF



The Santa Lucia Chapter represents the Sierra Club’s 2,500 members in San Luis Obispo County. The Executive Committee includes Karen Merriam, Jack Morrow, John Ashbaugh, Cleve Nash, Steven Marx, Judith Bernstein, and Cal French.



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Explore, Enjoy and Protect - Santa Lucia Chapter hike in Machesna Wilderness
Machesna Wilderness hike
April 2002
Photo by Gary Felsman